Avis Financial's Vision

Today’s markets are full of SMEs that show great potential through their proven business concepts, innovation and excellent products yet lack the management, expertise, network, distribution, or funds to capitalize on this potential. The big merchant banks of the past have been largely replaced by enterprises that are typically not equipped to provide support to struggling SMEs in an all-inclusive manner: They are confined either to the financing side – offering funding but limited operational support – or to the consulting side – charging standard fees without providing funds. This means that countless business opportunities are wasted.

Avis Financial aims to establish itself as a global business that – through its own capacity as well as that of close partners and affiliates – can support small and medium-sized companies in a comprehensive, sustained and committed way. By proving itself a successful integrated business developer and expanding through an intelligent brand roll-out strategy, Avis Financial intends to become an internationally-renowned player with a steadily growing portfolio, network and reputation.