Value Proposition


In the true spirit of merchant banking, Avis Financial always supports its portfolio companies through a significant amount of its own funds. It is this that conclusively demonstrates Avis Financial's full entrepreneurial commitment and affirms its credibility towards its shareholders.

In line with this commitment, Avis Financial aims for the best possible match between in-house managerial competence and the issues raised by the chosen portfolio companies. This painstaking selection process is key to maximizing yield while minimizing associated risk.


To ensure the solid development of its portfolio companies, Avis Financial works exclusively with an integrated network of formally affiliated service providers. As key members of the team, these must meet the highest professional standards concerning service quality, reputation, cost-efficiency and self-sustainability.

Only through this structured cooperation, repeated and sharpened through time, do the process standardization, service reliability and synergies arise that guarantee the desired results. With this transformational effect on its portfolio companies, Avis Financial achieves the most effective form of investment control, creating transparency for all of its stakeholders.


The added value of Avis's international brand recognition is undisputed. Avis Financial's portfolio companies, as well as its network of business service providers, benefit directly from this.

An international brand also requires the commitment to live up to its demands: Avis Financial – with its internal structures and procedures – will be used as a blueprint to establish further business development branches internationally.

Unlike green-field setups, Avis Financial will do this by integrating successful complementary structures that will adapt their business model, benefit from the Avis Financial network, and – again – from the powerful Avis brand; Avis Financial's growth enhances brand value, while increased brand recognition enhances growth.