About Avis Financial

Avis Financial is an innovative, integrated business development engine that assists small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in realizing their full potential. Involved at every step of the way, Avis Financial provides a truly comprehensive package of services to its portfolio companies, who further benefit from a high-profile brand, a major international network and extensive business expertise.


Avis Financial’s services include capital and operational restructuring, business development and placement preparation. To ensure that its portfolio companies receive support at every level, Avis Financial works with a large network of affiliates providing business and capital services.

Avis – 'We Try Harder'

Avis Financial Corporation was originally established by Warren Avis, one of the pioneers of the Rent-A-Car business. A groundbreaking attitude and a constant search for new ways to evolve and grow are what continue to drive the Avis brand today. It is with this spirit of innovation that Avis Financial does business.